You cannot put a price on your visual branding to evoke feeling & an experience through imagery with the current demands of endless social media & print production. Clean, branded & professional images are needed from every aspect. You NEED to represent your business & brand to the best of your ability to ensure you stand out above the rest.




Megann loves to travel for her business & photography work, whether it be servicing her regular Newcastle, Hunter & Sydney Regions or even further afar. She often frequents her favourite hotel chains in Sydney & other capitals for her shoots. Any hotel that remembers her coffee order, packs up a take away breakfast for her 7am starts & what wine she drinks for her 7pm finishes or sets her up with an edit station with evening snacks + dinner
... well, it doesn't get any better than that for a creative!

yes, she can



Megann also offers a range of services, one of which is an optional post production meeting with your new images for social media & how best to upload them to from drop box/computer & get super sharp image full of clarity & structure. Not to mention ask a few questions! This can be done over a coffee, a long lunch or a leisurely cocktail.  This is perfect for small business who needs to find their social media visual power game.

the finishing


The best thing you can do is give Megann Evans Photography all the information she may need during the inquiry process for an accurate estimation for your required service. Things to think about are...

* what services do you require (photography? props? styling? lighting?)
* budget (what's your set budget? Is it realistic?)
* time (is it a half/full day shoot or two?)
* how many images do your require (10 or 100?)
* location (where is the shoot? does it have light?)
* who is cooking the food? who is styling the food?
* when do you require the final images (2 weeks or 2 months?)
* what/where are these images for? (social? bus? poster? billboard?)
* what photo license do you require? (a short timeframe license? a full perpetuity buyout with shared copyright?)
* what time frame on that license do you need (12 months? more?)
* what country/countries do you need your license for? (Aus? USA?) 
* business branding guidelines (inspiration/mood board? pantone colours?)






“Ive learned that people will forget what you've said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”